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Surface : Embossed/ Smooth | Width from 9.0 MM to 32.0 MM | Thickness from 0.50 MM to 1.40 MM | Breaking load from 2000 N to 15000 N | Elongation from 12% to 18% | Color : Available on request | Number of rolls per pallet: 52/56/60


PETBAND Polyester Strapping is manufactured on state-of-the-art extrusion lines using latest technology equipped with optimum quality control and testing machinery, ensuring the highest standard of quality.


PETBAND is produced according to ASTM standard D3950 and is available in different size, color along with the additional option of printing directly on the Straps.



18 kg - 20 kg



72 kg - 75 kg


Super Jumbo

120 kg - 130 kg


Ultra Jumbo

250 kg - 300 kg



The PETBAND Polyester Strapping offers excellent mechanical features such as high breaking strength, outstanding elongation and perfect tension retaining capabilities


No damage or contamination of packaging goods (Corrosion-resistant)

High shock absorption in case of impacts during transportation

Less pressure on edges of packages (Corner Protectors often not needed)

Perfect on individually secured packages

Strap tension remains tight in cases where the package may shrink during

  storage or transportation

Substitution of steel strapping by PETBAND Polyester allows the use of

strapping with less breaking strength

Requires less floor space for storage.

Reduction of material costs (up to 50% savings)

Less risk of injury in case of strapping breakages

Easy and clean handling compared to steel strapping (recyclable)


Polyester Straping Rolls are deliverd on pallets of 1140 x 1140 MM. There are 52/56/60 Rolls per pallet and 20 pallets per container.


PLC Controlled opertation ensuring 100% Roll length



100% Substitute For Steel Strapping


Improved Stability of Packages (Less Sagginess)

    Due to less elongation the starp applied around the package will be more tight which results in less sagginess.

Less Powder Generation
   Machine uptime is more. Life of machine parts goes up.

Retained Tension
   The tension decay is much less during storage and transportation.


   The per meter price is less than steel.

Color - Black

Surface Appearance  - Smooth

Tensile Strength (kg/mm2) - Very High

Elongation - Moderate

Resistance to Shock Absorption - Yes

Retained Tension - High

Safe to Use  - Yes

Environment  - 100% recyclable and no rust in storing outside


METPLUS 32mm strap on cold roll mill (CRM) Coil 

METPLUS is a smooth type of strapping of the highest quality. It runs smoothly in all strapping machines and hand tools without requiring any modifications.  They are ideal for extremely demanding heavy duty applications in sectors such as building supplies, wood and timber, metals, and baling, and make no compromises when it comes to the safety and stability of your packaging.

METPLUS – zero compromises!  

Exended Tenacity – enhanced tenacity

  • increased edge strength

  • free from shock splitting – improved characteristics with regard to shock splitting, even at low ambient temperatures

Exended Shock Reserve – increased shock reserve

  • this strapping is capable of absorbing even extremely high shock loads

  • ideal combination of high breaking strength and 16% elongation

Exended Weldability – increased weld strength

  • higher welding joint strength, even at low ambient temperatures

  • fewer outliers

METPLUS – better performance with identical dimensions!

Upgraded manufacturing technology, an improved raw material process, and, most of all, a new formula including a special additive form the basis for the new generation of METPLUS strapping products.  

METPLUS – also available in jumbo make-up!

Our METPLUS polyester strapping is available in different jumbo versions and offers you significantly more meters per coil. Not only does this reduce the number of required coil changes, but it also enhances the cost-effectiveness of your application.


Consent has state of art PET recycling line to produce best quality raw material suitable for Strapping production. Consent won the award from Middle East Waste Recycling Organization for the Best Plastics Recycling Company of the Year 2018. With small manufacturing tolerances, consistently high quality and high breaking strength, our PETBAND Polyester strapping ensures smooth processing on fully automatic strapping machines and hand tools. In many applications, our PET strapping is suited to replace steel strapping and offers the following advantages over conventional steel strapping:

✔ protects the health and safety of your staff – no risk of injuries caused by the strapping

✔ easier & safer to handle

✔ closure without clamps

✔ no damage to the packaged goods

✔ no staining of the goods because of rust

✔ higher remaining strap tension

Quality management Provides the assurance: A continuous chain of controls from the procurement of raw materials to the manufacturing products according to quality standard ISO 9001:2015 plus the latest testing methods ensure that our customers receive only first class quality.

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